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When Creeping is Not Creepy

Around BTC Revolutions, I’ve earned quite a reputation as a stalker or creeper. I have finally embraced the title – and with good reason – although I don’t consider it to be creepy. As a Community Manager, we are responsible for growing, cultivating and maximizing the community. To do this, we find out as much […]

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I’d Fall For That

It probably won’t come as a surprise to my #BTCFamily or friends that my first attempt at a blog post would be full of “F” words. But, what may come as a surprise is that none of those words have to be typographically bleeped out … Falling, failing, and forgiving. I’d like to think I’ve […]

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Loners Who Lunch

“How lame is it that I’m sitting alone at Corner Bakery for lunch!?” While most of time when its perfectly acceptable to tweet about what you’re having for lunch and attach a photo of your meal, it is rare to see a tweet about lonely lunch for one. Yet there it is. A tweet of […]

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